About me

I have a fondness for colorful rocks, shiny metal, and making things with my hands.   Naturally, I have developed into a jewelry artisan.  I joke with others telling them that making jewelry is my therapy; but it really is!  Designing and making beautiful things to wear out of stone and metal is my creative endeavor to combine the things I love.   The creative process, which includes choosing the right stone, sketching my ideas, using a saw, hammer, and flame to manipulate metal, and finishing a piece into a tangible thing to be admired, shared and worn, provides balance in my life.   

My jewelry is simple, eclectic, inspired by the natural world - but doesn’t quite mimic nature, classy-bohemian, somewhat southwest, made from metal and natural stones.  I use a variety of metal smithing techniques including piercing, etching, and soldering, to make my pieces one-of-a-kind.  The beauty of natural stones, such as the unique colors and patterns of jasper or the subtle flash of labradorite, inspire me to keep my stone settings simple.  Copper and silver are my favorite metals to work with, either separately or mixed in one piece; I like to add accents of color with natural stone beads.  My jewelry is everyday wearable– work and play, day or night. I want the woman who wears my jewelry to feel like she is wearing an adornment that completes her statement to the world, enhances her natural beauty, and reflects the beauty in all of nature.